10 Fictional roommates you’d love to live with

A good roommate is hard to find, but they seem to be abundant in the fictional world.

 1.  The “New Girl” gang


The antics that go down in the loft on this sitcom are often epic. The guys would always have your back and Jess would always be around to grant you some of her optimistic advice. Plus, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a rousing game of True American or witness a classic Nick Miller panic moonwalk?

2. Joey and Chandler, “Friends”


Monica and Rachel were great, but how many of us could actually stand Monica’s ridiculous cleaning? Joey and Chandler however, would have no such cleanliness guidelines. Living with them would give you the chance to have pizza for every meal and you could partake in a very serious game of Ultimate Fireball.

3. John and Sherlock, “Sherlock”


Living with the infamous detective and his best friend wouldn’t be great only because you’d constantly be in the presence of Benedict Cumberbatch’s glorious cheekbones, but you’d also get to embark on adventures in crime solving. Sure there’d be some danger, but it’d be well worth the risk.

4. The “Being Human” gang


Okay, this one could be very dangerous. Living with a ghost, vampire and a pair of werewolves could have its risks, but it would also be fun. Josh was a great cook, Aiden a great protector, Sally would be down for just about anything and Nora could help keep you in line.

5. Will and Grace, “Will & Grace”


Living with this pair would be an absolute blast. The best thing about living with this duo however wouldn’t be the living situation as much as it would be about their friends. You’d get to hang out with Jack and Karen and is there really anything better than that?

6.  Max and Caroline, “2 Broke Girls”


Not only would you get to spend your time with two cool chicks, but you’d also have an unlimited supply of cupcakes at your disposal and a horse. That’s basically the dream.

7. Troy, Abed and Annie, “Community”


The hijinks with these three would leave you constantly entertained. You’d get the rare and unique pleasure of stepping into the dreamatorium, you’d participate in impromptu rapping sessions and a strange, but fun game night would come around every now and then. The fun would never end living with these three.

8. June and Chloe, “Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23”


Come on, you’d get to hang out all the time with Dawson himself James Van Der Beek, is there any better reason to live with this awesome duo.

9. The “Firefly” crew


This may be a bit of a stretch when it comes to the term roommate, but this group of bandits did all live together on one spaceship technically making them roommates. Traveling the ‘verse with all these characters would never stop being the adventure of a lifetime.

10. Lily, Marshall and Ted, “How I Met Your Mother”


Many people lived in that large NYC apartment, but the original three inhabitants would have made for great roomies. You could spend your nights watching ‘Star Wars’ marathons and your days plotting slap bets.

Link to original Buzzfeed article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/nancyicurtis6/10-fictional-roomates-youd-love-to-live-with-1kzt1#.miZmjlyQD


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