23 times Marshall Eriksen from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ set the perfect life example

You’ve been lawyered by Big Fudge himself.

1. When he decided the best way to make a bet with a friend was through a series of epic slaps.

You just got slapped across the face my friend.

2. When he knew to get on board with his wife.

Get on Board

3. When he made this definitive statement of truth about ‘Star Wars.’

STar WArs

They lived them Ted!

4. When he had the most epic marriage in sitcom history.

Epic Marriage 2

Epic Marriage

Marshmallow and Lily Pad ❤

5. When this was his drunk face.

Drunk Face

6. When he perfectly summed up what it’s like living without insurance.

7. When this was his favorite song.

Favorite Song

8. When he wasn’t afraid to remind people he was cuddly.


9. When he displayed his love of pie charts and bar graphs.

Bar Graph Pie Chart

His love got so bad that they had to have an intervention.

10. When he knew how to enjoy a good burger.

The Burger

11. When he knew how to lie without really lying.

Marshall Erikson hard at work.

12. Whenever he let out a sexual innuendo.

Sexual Innuendo

13. When he and Ted got lost in the stadium because they were so stoned.

High with Ted

Lily has no idea I’m high.

14. When he was mesmerized by the docile tones of Enrique Iglesias.

Same here Marshall, same here.

15. Whenever he lawyered someone.



16. When he was willing to support his friends no matter how strange it got.

Friend Support

And it got weird, a lot.

17. When this happened during college:


And during adulthood.

18. When he, his wife and his best friend had the greatest Halloween costumes.

19. When he had the reaction we all want to have when we get a bad haircut.


20. When he wore this hat.


We should all have the confidence to wear a hat as majestic as that.

21. When he created the greatest holiday of all.


Slapsgiving is a beautiful, giving and slap filled day. That included a glorious original song.

22. When he figured out the perfect study method.

Sugary snacks and song.

23. When he mastered the art of positive reinforcement.

So go out there in the world and be the best Marshall Eriksen you can be!

Final Gif

Link to original Buzzfeed article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/nancyicurtis6/23-times-marshall-eriksen-from-ahow-i-met-your-m-1kzt1#.uhYlpWaLn


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