Popular shows on the bubble: what deserves renewal and what maybe doesn’t

As we approach the end of the season for many shows a number of networks have yet to make officials decisions on some longer-running established shows. But do all these bubble shows deserve a renewal or is it time to let some go? And will they even get them if they deserve the chance?

New Girl

The producers of “New Girl” were well prepared since mid-season for the fact that they might not get a renewal and it showed in their satisfying season finale. That being said though the finale was satisfactory bringing Nick and Jess back together finally and announcing Cece’s pregnancy the long-running comedy deserves a shot at one last ride. If for nothing else we all absolutely need to see what a Winston Bishop wedding looks like. Renewal seems likely, though chances are the renewal will be a short order final season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If there’s any comedy on TV right now that doesn’t get the respect it deserves and deserves at least a seven season run its “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” While “B99” has always been a show living on the bubble it has managed to survive through to its current fourth season. That being said things aren’t looking good after Fox’s decision to have an excessive long mid-season break and now the decision to double episodes to finish out the season. It deserves a renewal more than any other comedy on TV.


Much like “B99” Fox sent “Gotham” away for a long mid-season break that ends Monday. The comic book inspired series has been at its best this past season especially with its rise of Ed Nygma, Barbara Kean and Tabitha Galavan. While no renewal has come through yet it’s likely the heroes and villains of Gotham City will return for a fourth season.

The Originals

The CW is notoriously known for quick renewals and low ratings. If you’re on the CW as a mid-season series and haven’t been renewed by your fifth episode it’s concerning, hence why “The Originals” is sitting heavily on the bubble. The “Vampire Diaries” spin-off is having an incredible current season in terms of story and characters, probably it’s best yet but the ratings have not been reflecting that. It truly deserves another season, if for no other reason to wrap up, but it’s currently sitting in a spot it could go either way.


Much like “The Originals” the lack of an early renewal on CW is concerning. “iZombie” is the best show on the network, but often the most underappreciated as well. Though personally certain plots in the current season have been less than desirable (i.e. Blaine’s amnesia, the love triangle nonsense), the show overall is still worthy of a shot at continuing on. The question is does the CW still find it lucrative especially with its ever-growing DC superhero landscape? Much like “The Originals” it could truthfully go either way.

Agents of SHIELD

Since moving to a new timeslot this year “AOS” hasn’t performed as well which is ironic considering it’s been better this season, especially this current second half of the season with the LMD and Framework storylines, than it’s ever been in its four season run. The Marvel series has long been a show  with incredible characters, but less than impressive overarching storylines, that’s changed lately but the ratings haven’t reflected that (seeing a theme with a number of these shows?). It deserves another shot at a new season and being Marvel you’d think it’d be safe, but ABC proved it’s not scared to cancel Marvel shows last season with it’s horrible axing of “Agent Carter.”

Once Upon A Time

“OUAT” has had an interesting and let’s be honest cheesy six year run and of all the long-running bubble shows it’s probably the only one that really doesn’t need another year. Truthfully logic and the actual use of fairy tale stories flew out the window seasons ago. With the wedding of the one couple it seems fans still care about coming soon and a lot of stories (sensibly or not) being wrapped up if “Once” doesn’t make its return next season it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Also, NBC has yet to decide the fate of freshman comedies “Powerless” and “Trial and Error,” the latter fell flat but could go either way on renewal and sadly though “Powerless” absolutely deserves a chance at a second season things aren’t looking too promising.

Most decisions will be made by early May at the latest so soon we’ll find out the fate of some fan favorite shows.


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