‘iZombie’ and the Blaine situation

“iZombie” has been the best show the CW has to offer since it began. It’s mix of humor, drama and crime solving has always been flawlessly delivered by a stellar cast.

One member of that stellar cast is David Anders who has played the vicious, cold-hearted Blaine since the start. Blaine was established from the very beginning as a villain and his actions over the seasons have only solidified that he’s a villain meant to be a character you love to hate.

Near the end of last season however, “iZombie” made its first real story misstep giving Blaine amnesia and putting him in a relationship with Peyton. A story that’s continued into its current season.

This isn’t really about the Blaine/Peyton/Ravi love triangle, though not a fan I get that Peyton doesn’t deserved to be judged for sleeping with Blaine when she did. She didn’t know who he was really or what he’d done, she wasn’t with Ravi. (Though I could probably write a whole other piece about the nonsense of that love triangle: both Ravi and Peyton have made mistakes, but non so damning that Ravi, the man of color, is framed to be the mess up while Blaine, the white homicidal maniac, is alright). It’s such a CW plotline, a thing iZombie has usually been above and avoided.

This is more about the simple fact that by giving Blaine amnesia and having a woman who’s been fairly sensible and strong fall for him they’re actively trying to make us forget that he’s not a good person. Prior to his amnesia Blaine showed no regard for others nor any remote desire to redeem himself in any way. Then enter the amnesia and since he can’t remember he was horrible he tries to be less horrible.

Personally, amnesia storylines are one of the most overused and unnecessary trope storylines especially when used in this context. It’s similar to when “True Blood” gave Eric amnesia and had Sookie fall for the amnesia ridden version of him. Somehow amnesia made her also actively forget the terrible things he’d done.

Blaine DeBeers is a murderer and manipulator who’s used harming others for his own gains his whole life, but especially so since becoming a zombie. Now the show seems to be retconning these facts (or attempting to) for both the audience and the characters themselves, sans Ravi who’s not having any of it.

It’s not a personal desire to see Peyton with Ravi or anything of that nature (Ravi could do better honestly), it’s the simple fact that all these characters are smarter and deserve better than to seemingly forgive a man like Blaine just because he’s lost his memory.

He’s still the man who murdered kids that Major was in charge of looking after, he’s still the man who murder Lowell a man Liv loved, he’s still the man who’s largely responsible for Major being a zombie (remember how he tried to murder him?), he’s still the man who’s killed and turned and blackmailed an unknown number people. He did none of that for survival or self-defense, he did it all simply because it made him rich and he could. Amnesia doesn’t change that, and doesn’t change the personal crimes he’s commited against these characters.

Just because he’s charming, good looking and has been given amnesia doesn’t mean we the audience or the characters have to or should forgive him. He didn’t choose this ‘redemption’ and once he gets his memory back (if he does) it’s likely he’ll revert to his old ways, especially with his father and Don E threatening everything he’s built.

Where are Liv and Major warning Peyton and completely distrusting him as they always have? How is Liv expected to look a man in the eye who she watched murder her boyfriend in cold blood? Where’s Clive in general in this mess? Cause we know he’d be on Ravi’s side in holding onto good old fashioned distrust of Blaine.

Think of it this way if Ted Bundy suddenly got amnesia would all be forgiven and you start dating him?

Maybe this is too quick to judge, but it’s been done on so many shows before it’s hard not to recognize the pattern. “iZombie” airs on the CW on Tuesdays @ 9/8c.


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