‘Sense8’ and ‘The Get Down’ are the Netflix shows you’re probably not watching but need to

“Sense8” and “The Get Down” are two very different shows in terms of plot, but the thing they have most in common is that they’re Netflix’s greatest offerings that are severely underrated.

Both shows made their return to Netflix recently with incredible episode runs and yet if it weren’t for following the main accounts for the shows, there’d be next to no buzz about the shows anywhere. When new episodes of “Orange is the New Black” or “Stranger Things” drop everyone seems to talk about them, dress up in costume and scream from the rooftops about how good the shows are.

Meanwhile “Sense8” and “The Get Down” only get the recognition of the little fanbases that exist for them, even though they are just as good, if not better than those popular hits. Both shows feature diverse casts, interesting storylines, diverse LGBT rep, well written characters and a range of dynamic onscreen relationships both platonic and romantic.

Created by the minds behind the “Matrix” films “Sense8” is one of the most original, and unexpectedly sense making, sci-fi shows available right now. Its quality could probably only be rivalled by “Orphan Black” and its cast may not be well known, but they’re putting out Emmy worthy performances every episode. The concept of eight strangers being psychically connected across the globe seems like a far-fetched concept, but it’s presented in a visually stunning and deeply human way that makes the series an easy one to fall into.

“The Get Down” is likely the most well written musically based show to ever air on any platform. Unlike most musical shows that fail to deliver in story, but constantly deliver in music “The Get Down” delivers constantly on both with an incredible young cast who will hopefully go on to have long and impressive careers. Set in the late 1970’s the series spotlights a neighborhood and a community that’s never been shown before all through the lens of the fall of disco and the rise of hip-hop.

Both shows are timely, even if one is set in the past, visually gratifying and completely unique. In a time where there are literally hundreds of television shows available these two are standouts that everyone should give a chance to.

So if you’re willing to watch kids chase after monsters, you should also be willing to watch kids struggle to rise up in a tumultuous music industry. And if you’re willing to watch a show about a women’s prison with a boring lead, then you should be willing to watch a relatable sci-fi show with a dynamic lead cast.

‘The Get Down’ Part’s I & II and ‘Sense8’ seasons 1 & 2 are currently available to stream on Netflix.


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