‘Shadowhunters’ 2×16 review: family complications

In this week’s Paul Wesley guest directed episode ‘A Day of Atonement’ family took the forefront and things got more complicated than before.

Alberto Rosende and Alisha Wainwright were easily the highlight of the episode giving us our only dose of Downworlder for the week. Together they are an absolute delight. Their chemistry is fantastic and their ability to riff off one another is incredible to watch. Simon has a lovely family; it was nice to see him truly get a story that was about him, his religion and his family and not centered on Clary. Maia getting a lot more depth was also a nice touch, she has such an interesting back story that hopefully they delve into more.

The Lewis family weren’t the only ones facing down drama; the Lightwood’s had their fair share as well. There are three things that Matthew Daddario plays best as Alec, sass, brotherly protection and being in love with Magnus. And he played all of those incredibly well, even though Magnus wasn’t in the episode; he defended his relationship, confided in Izzy and had no time for his father’s excuses.

While Alec and Robert’s relationship is seriously on the rocks, at least they can say it’s better than Valentine and Johnathan/Sebastian. Will Tudor, like the character or not, is playing him to a creepy and menacing level that’s impressive to watch. He feels more like a villain than he ever did in the books and far more than Valentine did all of season one. That being said, now both hitting their full evil potential Alan Van Sprang and Tudor are likely to reign over terrifyingly for the final haul of the season.

Meanwhile Jace and Clary went on another unsanctioned wild mission that’s likely to have some consequences. While it wasn’t necessarily bad to watch it was the weak point of the episode, it could be that their story is the most close to the books it leaves less to be surprised about. However Izzy coming to their rescue was nice to see. She and Alec have truly gotten back to their bond that existed in season one and it’s such an amazing part of the series.

Other little bits to love include Simon’s delightful grandma, the angel must have some great moisturizer and didn’t this episode just feel so very “The Vampire Diaries” in its tone?

Next Week: when will they let Malec rest and everything is exploding for everyone.


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