‘Shadowhunters’ 2×17 review: mirror, mirror

As the season winds down, ‘A Dark Reflection’ definitely got dark.

Let’s begin with a Lightwood sibling who’s finally back on her game. Izzy had a nice episode this week. Her relationship with Max is so protective and sweet, but Max is too smart for his own good. Isabelle’s scenes with Simon were also nice giving us that first taste of the future that the pair could have. Her highlight of the episode was however the conversation with Maia. These two should absolutely have more scenes together.

Luke has finally gotten some screen time of late and it’s always delightful. From that little dad chuckle™ towards Simon to the scenes between he and Magnus, Luke once again was a highlight of the episode. He’s a calm in the storm, a level head and his involvement might just keep everything from falling apart totally. Hopefully, he can talk Magnus’ storm down a bit more with those docile level headed dad leader ways of his that Isaiah Mustafa plays so perfectly next week.

Speaking of Garroway’s, seeing Cleophas again was nice. Lisa Berry is an incredible actress and her willingness to drag Sebastian and fight back against Valentine was fantastic to watch. Garroway’s really know how to kick ass that’s for sure.

Sebastian and Valentine are terribly villainous together, but kudos to Elliot for trying, though it is nice to know that Jocelyn is still screwing over her terrible ex-husband from beyond the grave. Also a shout out to Alec for continuing to not truly trust Sebastian you may have made some bad calls this week, but this is definitely not one of them.

Which brings us to Alec’s very bad choice this week, a lie that will cause some brief heartbreak for everyone’s favorite pair.

The most serious angst for Magnus and Alec has hit, but it’s not the kind of unnecessary angst we’re so used to seeing in tv couples (cheating, unnecessary deceiving, biphobia, pressuring someone to come out, *cough, cough the books*). This is the kind of argument that was bound to hit them one day. Alec sits in a very unenviable spot between his duty to the greater good and his duty to the love of his life. Magnus sits in a very similar position. Their relationship will always be heavily political, there will always be factors that will leave them in tough spots and sometimes they won’t make the right choice. This relationship is so deep, but also still so new. Should Alec have told Magnus about the sword immediately? Maybe, but you can understand from his side why he didn’t, how he’s still learning to balance his professional life and personal life in a way that no one gets hurt. Magnus is rightfully angry. And that fire and rage was played incredibly well as usual by Harry Shum Jr. The whole confrontation between the pair was different from what we’ve seen from them before and a stark contrast to the soft date night that began the episode for them. As usual though no matter what the chemistry demands, Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario knocked it out of the park.

This fight’s not over, rightly so, but these two are strong and next week it’s bound to take them to even deeper and more meaningful parts of their relationship than they’ve been at before.

Other bits for review: Sebastian you incestuous weirdo get off your sister, Alec if you’re sweating so much that you can’t eat lobster off a fork from your boyfriend maybe it’s a sign you shouldn’t be lying, kind of had to LOL when Jace was openly insulting Johnathan right in front of him, the mirror is an actual compact mirror which I expected it to be larger, and Maia, girl, where do you buy all your clothes?

Next Week: Pretty sure *spoiler* isn’t actually dying, Malec are gonna break our hearts but simultaneously rise us up with a couple long overdue flashbacks and the Garrobane BROTP continues to sail on a mission to the Seelie court where putting any trust in the queen is likely to be a very bad idea.


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