‘Shadowhunters’ 2×19 review: a royal betrayal

After last week, which was possibly the best episode of the series to date, “Shadowhunters” welcomed the true beginning of a war, but the sides are turning out different than anyone expected. Let’s talk ‘Hail and Farewell.’

The episode could be described with one word: tension.

The intense meeting between the Downworld leaders and Shadowhunters was a fantastic scene to watch. In any other circumstances the Downworlders would be making the right call. This isn’t personal, if it was Magnus, Luke and Raphael would be finding another way, it’s about the Clave who’ve proven no loyalty to anyone but themselves. However this time around it’s the wrong call because as suspected the Seelie queen has been playing everyone the entire time.

The most poignant tension in the room came between Magnus and Alec. Both are clearly heartbroken and attempting to hold together any resolve they have just barely. Alec’s looking at the Seelie queen when he talks but his words are most definitely meant for a certain other man in the room.

After an intense meeting we were FINALLY introduced to Catarina Loss and got to see the world’s cutest warlock, Madzie, again. Catarina is an absolute delight, she’s simultaneously comforting and cool as hell. It’s fantastic to see Magnus get such a comfortable friendship like this onscreen; I look forward to there being so much more of her next season.

Meanwhile, Jonathan continues to lose his damn mind. Will Tudor manages to get creepier and creepier every week. And no I don’t for a second think he’s actually dead, that reveal is likely to be the cliffhanger this season. He was at his finest this week however in his literal drag and fight with Jace. Overall the action in this episode was fantastic, though I could have used a little bit more for Alec and Izzy.

Simon continues to be a nearly constant ray of hope in all the heaviness. He’s not buying what the Seelie queen is selling and bless the boy for it. Speaking of the Seelie queen she took on a new form tonight all grown up and portrayed by Sarah Hyland. Hyland is a fantastic comedian so it was interesting to see her tackle something a little more serious, she wasn’t bad but there’s just something much more threating about Lola Flanery’s portrayal.

In the end though she definitely nailed that betrayal however; it’s not unexpected that the queen has had ulterior power play moves this entire time, but seeing Meliorn on her side stung a bit (*insert Tyra Banks ‘I was rooting for you’ gif*).

And here’s my controversial opinion: Jace and Clary just really don’t do much for me. I’ve come to accept that their romance will generally be a weak point. But we’ve reached a place with the series where the episodes are so strong that if there’s going to be a weak point I’m fine with it being the overdone white straight tragic romance.

Other bits: those photo booth pictures of Magnus and Alec were the cutest and I want 100 more of them, I’ve said it before and I’ll say again if everyone just listened to Luke Garroway before things exploded they’d all have a lot less troubles, Simon talking to the river lmao, it was nice to see Clary remembering that Luke is basically her dad, and Luke telling Alec over the phone to give Maryse his best?? Let my Luke/Maryse romance rise!

Also any guesses on who that Alicante mole is? My money’s on world’s worst grandmother Imogen Herondale.

NEXT WEEK: it’s season finale time and dammit we’re getting battle couple Malec (will my dreams of a battlefield come true?!)


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