About the Author

Hello readers! My name is Nancy Curtis I’m a 2015 graduate of Northern Kentucky University. There I earned a degree in Journalism with a Popular Culture minor.  I also acted as Editor-in-Chief at The Northerner, NKU’s Student Run Publication. I was formerly Arts & Life Editor and an Arts & Life Staff Reporter there as well. I have interned at NKU’s official online magazine, Inside NKU and served as a mentor for the Journalism in the Digital Age Summer Camp.

I’ve also free-lanced for WCPO in Cincinnati, the works and their links can be found on this site, and briefly ran a blog on journalism for a course I took a few years back, those posts can be found on this site as well. Currently I contribute for Buzzfeed’s Community page, as well as freelance for various online sites posting reviews of film and television which can be found on this site.

Me at Central Park in New York City (Sept. 2014). This picture was taken after taking part in a film press tour and being given the opportunity to write one of my favorite stories.

Aside from my passion for journalism, which was inspired by Chloe Sullivan from the hit television series Smallville, I love literature, sci-fi/horror television shows, comic books, breakfast foods and Billy Joel.

I can be contacted via email nancyicurtis6@gmail.com. You can follow me on Twitter @nancyirenec. And while you’re at it if you’d like you can click below and review my resume if you’d like!




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