Digital Age Summer Camp

In the summer of 2014, while interning at Inside NKU, I also acted as a mentor for the NKU Journalism in the Digital Age Summer Camp. After a few weeks of preparation, myself and six other student mentors began a week of teaching.

My amazing crew of kids at their assigned location interviewing a source.

My amazing crew of kids at their assigned location interviewing a source.

20 high school students from the local Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area participated in the week long program. Throughout the week they learned about taking photos and video, writing stories  and digital innovations of journalism. They participated in fun activities, including Instagram contests and story planning sessions, all while we each were in charge of mentoring our own little groups.

My group was ‘Team Lakota,’ a group of talented students Lakota East and one other student who they took in as their own. These five students were my crew for the week. They all had unique personalities, amazing skills in journalism and a great curiosity, which led them to some of the best corners of Northern Kentucky University’s campus during the Instagram contests.

My group and I even bonded over a love of the television shows Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who. I can proudly say that when the week concluded, at the awards ceremony four of my students won awards for their outstanding work that week. Each of them were heading into their junior year and I can bet that each of them will do great things in the future, whether it’s in journalism or not!

It was an amazing week and I think I learned as much from my team of students as they did from me. It showed me that I can work with high school students and make a pretty good mentor, which is a skill I didn’t know I had.

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