11 Reasons ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is going to be amazing

DC TV is about to get a whole lot bigger.

1. Because the epically complex love of the Hawks will be front and center.

Eternally reborn soulmates can be complicated.

2. Because we’ll get weekly cold puns.

Never stop doing you Captain Cold, never.

3. Because literal ray of sunshine Ray Palmer will be geeking out on the daily about being a part of a super team.

Not prepared for just how cute he’s gonna be every week.

4. Because Arthur Darvill.

If you don’t already know him, get to know him now please.

5. Because Sara will finally get some appreciation.

White Canary on the rise.

6. Because of the future great time travel outfits.

Bell bottoms ❤

7. Because of the inevitable ‘Doctor Who’ references.

The only question is will Rip, aka Rory Williams former time traveling companion, or Ray, ‘Doctor Who’ super fan, make the reference.

8. Because Vandal Savage is going to be an epic foe.

And we can thank the perfectly sneaky little bastard Malcolm Merlyn for his return.

9. Because we’ll get the opportunity to fall in the love with the new Firestorm duo.

Miss you always Ronnie ❤

10. Because it’ll stand on its own.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the crossovers, but not having Barry or Oliver popping up every other week will be refreshing.

11. And finally because look at this squad:

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14 Reasons you still miss The WB Network

The CW is great, but don’t you just feel nostalgic for Michigan J. Frog sometimes.

1. Because of yearly commercials like this:

The fact that the CW has never gathered the casts of their shows together to have a fake party is a damn shame.

2. Because of the great teen dramas.

Would anyone understand the struggles of teen life if it weren’t for The WB?

3. Because that’s where the greatness of Joss Whedon truly began.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” aka Whedon’s greatest creations.

4. Because their mascot was literally a fancy frog.

Look at that fancy bastard.

5. Because without The WB we wouldn’t have this meme gem.

6. Because of their amazing Saturday morning cartoon line-up.

7. Because of the underrated comedy gems it had.

“Reba” was hilarious and there’s no denying it.

8. Because it introduced us to Chad Michael Murray.

A teen heartthrob national treasure.

9. Because they had their own retail stores in malls.

Where one could get Buffy prop replicas and the finest in fake high school gear.

10. Because honestly where would we all be without “Gilmore Girls.”

Nowhere, that’s where.

11. Because it gave us “Supernatural.”

It may have only been on the network one year, but over a decade later it’s still going strong and we owe that all to The WB.

12. Because of Felicity’s hair.

Hair so important, some believe the ratings drop was due to her cutting it.

13. Because it was the network of the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Everything about it defined the era.

14. And lastly, because again those fantastic promo commercials.

Honestly no network has had promos that stack up to these since.

Link to article on Buzzfeed:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/nancyicurtis6/14-reasons-you-still-miss-the-wb-network-1kzt1#.gwDj1K80v


10 Modern day villains who stole the spotlight from the heroes

If it’s the age of the anti-hero, it’s also the age of the villain. More than ever before people are latching onto the big bads of television and film more than the heroes. These ten just make being bad look so good, and one will be making it look good very soon.

Loki, “Thor”


Does this even need explanation? He’s the ultimate example of villains stealing the spotlight. Sometimes you wonder why they even call the movies “Thor” since we all know who the real star is.

Klaus Mikaelson, “The Vampire Diaries/The Originals”


Back in the good old days of “The Vampire Diaries” the villains were dynamic and charming. Klaus charmed the pants, quite literally in some cases, off the fans and characters. He was so dynamic it earned him a spinoff; of course it would be his brother Elijah that would truly steal our hearts, though I’ll never acknowledge him as a villain.

Oswald ‘The Penguin’ Cobblepot, “Gotham”


There’s so much to say about the breakout star of the DC series, but to put it simply he’s deliciously villainous. You can’t help but feel for the pale little man and find yourself rooting for him. All this love is because of the man behind the character, Robin Lord Taylor, who is Emmy worthy in my opinion.

Jim Moriarty, “Sherlock”


Moriarty has been around for a long time, but Andrew Scott’s brilliant portrayal of the literary criminal mastermind sent his popularity skyrocketing. He’s devious, he’s cruel and he’s just plain brilliant.

Crowley, “Supernatural”


Okay, maybe he doesn’t totally steal the spotlight from the Winchester brothers, but you can’t deny his devilishly honest personality. There’s a reason he’s outlasted all other “Supernatural” big bads, because the fans love him.

Boyd Crowder, “Justified”


For six seasons Raylan Givens tried to do his best by the law, but damned if I wasn’t rooting for the charming crime lord Boyd the entire time. His overtaking came easy from episode one onward because of Walton Goggins excellent performance.

Regina Mills, “Once Upon a Time”


A villain so dynamic she transformed into the shows main hero. Now that’s a damn good villain. To date, even as a hero finally getting the happiness she deserves, she remains to be the best part of the Disney themed series.

Sylar, “Heroes”


Remember how after season one “Heroes” decreased in quality? Remember how you still watched it for Zachary Quinto’s fantastic character anyways? So do the rest of us.

Grant Ward, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”


Ward is beloved by a large group of the Marvel fan base; many stand with Ward at every turn. His deplorable acts have only gotten worse, but his hold on the fans has gotten stronger. Now, personally I’m over it which is why that midseason finale ending was pleasant for me.

Kilgrave, “Jessica Jones”


Let’s get one thing straight, Kilgrave is an unforgivable man who you should not be rooting for in any way. And the fans weren’t, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t steal every scene thanks to David Tennant’s incredible, disgustingly creepy performance.

Future spotlight thief: Negan, “The Walking Dead”


He’s already the most popular threat faced by the Grimes Gang in the comic book series and once he hits the screen next season he’s bound to steal the show. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an incredible casting choice; he will without a doubt knock it out of the damn park and leave you saying ‘Governor who?’

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18 Times Titus Andromedon lived life to the fullest

With Pinot Noir he’s a star.

1. When he rolled in the cash.


2. When he wore this shirt:

3. When he’d already made his effort for the day.

titus did something today

Me every single day.

4. When this was his bank account:

Definitely been there.

5. When he asked the important questions.

6. When he spoke the truth about himself.

Confidence at its finest my friends.

7. When he auditioned for ‘The Lion King.’

The cat was a very accurate touch, but somehow he still couldn’t pass for a straight giraffe.

8. When he came up with the perfect ATM pin.

Sentimental and simple.

9. When he decided to live his life as a werewolf.

10. When he invented a new hashtag.


11. When he taught Kimmy how to own her world.

12. When he had a solid plan for his next life.

13. When he had an existential crisis.

14. When he claimed a present was from him.

And backtracked perfectly.

15. When he mastered how music works.

Rhymes are fines.

16. When he could no longer trust the TV.

It’s seen him naked!

17. When he had the perfect description for himself.

18. And of course when he created the greatest song in the history of television.

Pinot noir, leather bar.

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19 Signs you’re the Winston Bishop of your friend group

I just like bubbles so much!

1. Your friends don’t care about researching your favorite shows as much as you do.

2. You always bring the heat on the dance floor.

You can’t bottle that heat!

3. You know how adorable you are.

Lovable as hell!

4. You don’t always excel at job interviews.

All are valid skills though.

5. You appreciate your friends even when they’re embarrassing.

6. You’ve developed a special relationship with your cat.

And your friends are starting to worry about it.

7. You don’t exactly know how history worked.

Eye of the Tiger is a pretty damn cool song.

8. You know the importance of Saturday.

Even if your friends do not.

9. Your friends don’t always take it seriously when you say you’re busy.

You could have plans.

10. Every now and then you get really deep.

But no one is around to hear it.

11. You go the extra overdramatic mile to get your friends out of trouble.

Tell us all what really goes down in 4D!

12. You don’t always have the most chill in relationships.

13. Fruity drinks make you weird towards your friends.

So naughty.

14. Your friends have witnessed a lot of Trainwreck moments where you try to flirt.

Girl, what yo name is?

15. You sing your heart out no matter what anyone thinks.

16. You expect your friends to celebrate you, but they often forget.

Birthdays, honey roasts; it’s so difficult to get respect sometimes.

17. You are horrible at pranks.

But think you’re amazing at them.

18. You always support your friend’s ventures.

Even reading their bad zombie novels.

19. And most importantly your friends adore you.

And they’d do anything for you 🙂

Link to original Buzzfeed article:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/nancyicurtis6/19-signs-youare-the-winston-bishop-of-your-frien-1kzt1#.uj9ZVVPe8

14 Reasons you need to be excited for ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’

Hail to the king baby, he’s back!

1. Because it will bring back the greatness that was the original trilogy.


2013 Remake who?

2. Because the king himself is back in full uniform.


Even though it’s not easy to slip right back into the old clothes.

3. Because not only is the king himself back, but the Raimi team as well.

It’s like putting the band back together.

4. Because there aren’t enough characters with chainsaw arms in modern television and Ash is bringing it back.


5. Because nothing says Halloween like the triumphant return of a cult classic.

And it’s been far too long since Ash saved the world from deadites.

6. Because Lucy freakin’ Lawless is a part of the cast.

That’s right, that’s Xena people!

7. Because hopefully we’ll get some new interesting characters.

Like Pablo.

8. Because the gore and effects will be just as disgusting and cheesy as the originals were.

9. Because the boomstick is back.

And every man needs a good boomstick to fight off the impending apocalypse.

10. Because of all the inevitable callbacks to the original trilogy.

Which will hopefully include a photo of Ash’s deceased girlfriend and she’ll literally be a different actress every time 🙂

11. Because of one-liners like this:

Top notch Raimi writing.

12. Because Bruce Campbell is always gold.


13. Because we’ll be getting more cheesy, brilliant moments like this:

And this:

14. And lastly, simply because it’s going to be so damn groovy!

Halloween night can’t get here fast enough.

Link to original Buzzfeed article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/nancyicurtis6/14-reasons-to-be-excited-for-ash-vs-evil-dead-1kzt1

24 Times Cisco Ramon from ‘The Flash’ was an actual human cinnamon roll

I decide the nicknames around here.

1. When he got cheeky with the comic book references.

Some comic book…

2. When he got his badge.


3. When he welcomed Stein to the team.

Good nicknames and great science are the key to Cisco’s heart.

4. When he tried his hand at the superhero exercise regime.

The salmon ladders are a beast no man should have to conquer.

5. When he flaunted his Nerf gun collection.

Really every single interaction between these two is adorable. Shipping GoldenVibe until the sun burns out.

6. When he tried not to care about Wells evil science.

He really tried not to care.

7. When he fangirled about meeting one of his favorite superheroes.

But now he claims to not be a fan of when they have a color in their name.

8. When he brought the friendship sass.

9. When he misunderstood Joe.

10. When he wasn’t 100 percent sure if he’d caused a break down in the hospital equipment or not.

11. When he prioritized poorly.

Yes, Wells killing him was important, but the shirt!

12. When he was totally trying to give a nickname.

Yeah, totally not trying that.

13. Whenever he gets creative with his science.

Drinks, the boot, nerf gun inspiration, it’s all there.

14. When he appropriately feared the bees.

Ain’t nobody got time for bees.

15. When he refused to give up ownership of the suit.

He’s very protective of his tech.

16. When he tricked the bad guys.

Science tricks.

17. Whenever he makes a pop culture reference.

Be still my nerd heart.

18. When he got real about the chances of him sleeping ever again.

After everything that went down with Wells you can’t blame him.

19. When he became science bros with fellow cinnamon roll Ray Palmer.

Ray and Cisco are literally the most underrated male characters in the Flarrow universe.

20. When he had to awkwardly attend a family gathering.

How in the world Cisco is the disappointment child I do not comprehend!

21. When he adorably reacted to being called a hero.

He truly is a hero.

22. When he tried to photograph an iconic moment in superhero history.

You can’t blame him, it’s a big moment.

23. When he got a tad jealous about The Trickster already having a name.

He’s in charge of the names around here.

24. And when he pointed out a very true point.

Appreciate Cisco Ramon everyone!

Science genius, budding meta-human and actual cinnamon roll.

Link to original Buzzfeed article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/nancyicurtis6/24-times-cisco-ramon-from-the-flash-was-an-actua-1kzt1#.taYOq1ag3y