‘Shadowhunters’ review: a look back at the first four of 2B

Full disclosure this was going to be a first five review, doing a nice fifty-fifty split on 2b, but then those 2×15 promotional stills came out and I can predict that review will be so long it will be uncontainable and deserved its own solo piece. So here’s a quick review rundown of the first four episodes of 2B.

Episode 11 ‘Mea Maxima Culpa’:

  • A nice welcome back, featuring at least a few brief moments of peace before everything went to hell again.
  • Luke and Maia were a huge highlight; seeing them work together again on a united wolf front after quite a bit of confrontation in 2A was fantastic to see. There was more for Luke to do in one episode than in the bulk of 2A.
  • A lot of solid foreshadowing for Magnus’ 2B storyline as well as the potential of the Downworlder uprising.
  • Bless them for ending that sibling weirdness immediately between Jace and Clary.
  • Sebastian’s introduction into the world was well done; Will Tudor instantly proving he’ll be an alarming addition to the cast. He’s clearly capable of playing the seemingly friendliness of the character and the dark disturbing monster we know him to truly be

Performer of the week: Dominic Sherwood, emotional and impressive. He continues to really tap into Jace and make me like a character I could not even stand in the slightest in the books.

Episode 12 ‘You Are Not Your Own’:

  • Body swaps are usually poorly executed by most shows. They either chose characters that are too similar, use a character that’s only in the one episode as one of the swappers or the actors just can’t pull it off. That wasn’t the case in this one. They absolutely chose the right two for the plot, performance wise Alan Van Sprang and Harry Shum Jr. completely nailed it in this episode.
  • Though it’s bothersome that the continuation of Malec having casual intimacy, touches (only on Alec’s end obviously in this one) largely occurs when it’s not even Magnus, I’m glad to see it looks like a possible continuing trend for equal intimacy and time in upcoming episodes.
  • Simon and Izzy have more romantic chemistry than Simon and Clary by far; I’m actually looking forward to the very slow burn that’s inevitable between them.
  • That final scene between Magnus and Alec was way too short. I didn’t expect a rousing romantic reunion, not after what had just happened, but 30 seconds is not enough. I don’t expect resolution, I know that that’s coming in the next episodes with them getting closer and understanding each other even more, but still the final Climon/Sebastian scenes were unnecessary and Magnus and Alec needed a more extended scene at the end. Even if it had been simply an extra minute or two of them just sitting together.

Performer(s) of the Week: Alan Van Sprang and Harry Shum Jr., both actors completely managed to capture the others character in tone of voice and down to even the way the characters carry themselves. It was wildly impressive to watch these two perform as the polar opposites of the characters they portray week to week. They also managed to not only nail each other’s characters, but also make the fact that the other’s didn’t figure it out till it was almost too late believable because it was so strange to see those personalities coming out of a different faces.

Episode 3 ‘Those of Demon Blood’:

  • The social commentary wasn’t perfect but was surprisingly well handled. Best represented through Maia, Luke, Raphael and Simon’s comparisons to real-world things.
  • Magnus and Alec working through their stuff, Alec knowing Magnus isn’t okay, working together that’s what I live for. Not breakups cause it gets hard, genuine feelings and emotions and having each other’s backs, that’s what I live for. Disagreements that result in growing, heartache that heals overtime together on a united front. Matt and Harry continue to have chemistry that’s to die for. That being said that balcony intimacy at the end should have lasted longer considering Malec are an emotionally evolved and in love couple. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for Jace and Maia, all for it, but equal screen time and physical levels of intimacy for the shows only same-sex couple is all I’m asking for.
  • Magnus getting to be carefree for a moment was a nice thing to see. You can’t blame Dot for going for it I mean its Magnus, but sorry girl that man is in deep with the love of his life A. Lightwood.
  • Alec’s development finally coming to a head in this episode was incredible. He’s still not perfect, he’s still learning, but he’s the first one to stand up for each of the Downworlders not just the one he’s in love with. Also now HEAD OF THE NEW YORK INSTITUTE as he should be.
  • Imogen is well played, so well-played you genuinely hate her.
  • Kickass Raphael and Meliorn was a welcomed thing. Izzy and the Ex-boyfriends made for an unexpected dream team (and a possible band name if they ever want).

Performer of the Week: Alisha Wainwright, she continues to be a standout in the series as Maia. She was absolutely incredible in this episode; her tenacity and kindness all on display.

Episode 4 ‘The Fair Folk’:

  • Let’s start with the fact that the sets for the fairy realm are very pretty. And in an unexpected twist the Seelie Queen is younger than expected and incredibly cunning and dynamic. I even found myself interested in the Simon, Jace and Clary stuff even though I knew how it would play out in the end. Alberto Rosende plays heartbreak well that’s for sure.
  • Love her or hate her Maryse Lightwood is trying to make amends, be a better person and a better mother which is lovely to watch. Much like the scene with Maryse and her son’s back in 2×08, her interaction with Isabelle was beautiful and heart wrenching. Nicola Correia-Damude is such an amazing piece of the secondary cast.
  • Luke finally got an episode that had a whole lot of his side of the things that are happening and damn was it good to see. He and Alan Van Sprang play that volatile former friendship so well and Isaiah Mustafa held an assertiveness to be reckoned with in that scene.
  • Alec has a long fight ahead of him against the clave, but watching him be a fair and right head of the institute was fantastic to see. His leadership combined along with his powerful boyfriend set the tone for their incredible professional power couple status. And of course that cheeky little scene between Mr. Lightwood and Mr. Bane was everything.
  • Sebastian’s true colors are beginning to show and Will Tudor is absolutely terrifying. I personally look forward to seeing he and Alan Van Sprang truly get to interact as the duo some of us already know them to be.
  • And on a closing note if the Downworld leaders and Alec are going to have regular meetings, can we always see those?

Performer(s) of the Week: Isaiah Mustafa and Nicola Correia-Damude, both were incredible in different ways this week. When Correia-Damude is given emotional scenes to work with she absolutely shines and Mustafa brought a rage and a calming leadership that the show needs to utilize more often. His scene facing down his former parabatai was one of the best moments for Luke and for the show.

Next Week: No new episodes sadly, but after the Fourth of July holiday we’re back for the final six episode stretch. And the next one looks very promising bringing a long overdue Clary and Simon breakup and some casual and deeply emotional moments that will hopefully be incredible and lengthy for Magnus and Alec.

‘Shadowhunters’ mid-season finale review: everything’s falling apart, but love is in the air

This is so much later than I usually am, but I can’t help it I’ve been flailing about because Magnus Bane and Alexander Lightwood are officially in love my friends. Oh, and some other stuff happened in tonight’s mid-season finale “By the Light of Dawn.”

I’ll be keeping this pretty short, but here we go.

DOWNWORLDERS, DOWNWORLDERS, DOWNWORLDERS! It was amazing to see so many of them assemble, but a couple bones to pick: please stop killing people Luke is close to, treat Maia with more respect she’s hurt and she’s allowed to be, and for the race allegory to work Clary needs to stop being the person that brings everyone together.

We can finally put an end to the awful incest plot with Clary and Jace, as long as Jace doesn’t decide to keep it from her for some dumb reason.

Izzy getting better and out of her toxic, awful storyline so quickly may seem unrealistic but I’m glad to see it go. Isabelle and Raphael deserve better and I hope we see that going forward.

Now, let’s talk about my boys. Individually they were great tonight, Alec kicked some ass and was saved by a certain adorable little warlock, who is safe with Catarina now, and Magnus and Madzie together was a sweet scene (though it’s ridiculous that Magnus would need Clary to inspire him to save a warlock child, he always is ready to protect his people so that was unnecessary).

Then there was their big scene, their big moment. From the second Alec thought Magnus was dead, I too died a little. His fear, his emotion that maybe he’d lost Magnus was palpable; he didn’t care about anything else in that moment other than Magnus’ safety. And then they reunited and it was something beautiful. Alec being honest and open with his emotions, Magnus doing the same; and then the first I love you’s being exchanged, so simple yet so real. You could hear it in the way they both said it, it was simple, it was easy, and it’s been there all along really. Then a kiss that poured every bit of emotion, a forehead touch that spoke volumes and a hug that said I need you, I love you, and I can’t ever let you go. It was beautiful and yet again showcased the incredible onscreen chemistry that Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario have.

Finally a quick salute to Nick Sagar who brought some vulnerability to Victor tonight (even though we know he’s very wrong about Downworlders and Shadowhunters not being able to be together), Luke’s emotions about his former parabatai was a nice little touch, Dot not being dead and we need more of it and to the Jimon scene that felt more romantic than anything Climon has had so far.

Now, let’s talk 2b, I’ll be honest I’m not sure if I’ll be continuing these reviews when the show comes back. It’ll depend on my time and if the show takes some of the criticism it’s received in 2a and improves upon it. But either way I’ll be watching because my heart belongs to Magnus, Alec and Luke. So here are a few things I know I’d like to see in 2b:

  • More Malec intimacy. Did you see that hug? That forehead touch? Give me that on the regular not just when they’re professing their love for one another.
  • Downworld council. I want to see it again, and again, and again.
  • Don’t drag out the Clace/Climon love triangle too long; wrap it up as quickly as you wrapped up missing Jace at the start of the season.
  • Introduce Catarina Loss onscreen dammit.
  • Put Clary and Jace on the backburner sometimes. I know they’re the lead protags, but its okay to put them in the foreground for some episodes. When they don’t the other characters get sidelined and underdeveloped.
  • And lastly I just hope they listened to the criticism they received from POC and LGBT fans about the missteps that occurred in 2a. This show has a lot of good characters, they just need to treat them right.

That’s all for now! So, I’m going to get back to rewatching the Malec I love you until it’s burned into my retinas (I’m kidding, sort of). See you June 5th when we return.


‘Shadowhunters’ 2×09 review: Downworld on the rise!

As the midseason finale draws closer the Downworld is in disagreement over what to do about Clary and that allowed for ‘Bound by Blood’ to be an episode that highlighted the Downworlder characters everyone should love.

So let’s talk about the Downworlders and their complicated relationships.

Climon is gonna end with Simon so heartbroken so I can’t really be for it. Jace’s jealousy is weird and misplaced but I was all for him stopping that make out session I didn’t need to see quite honestly.

tumblr_ol81y8psrk1vceekoo6_1280Having Malec actually talk about what happened to Alec last week and Alec declaring Magnus as his priority to protect was unexpected, but completely welcome. Lately it’s felt like we’ve barely gotten any emotional scenes between them, but this one was nice, yet unfortunately interrupted like they always seem to be. Hopefully we’ll see another scene of them to this extent next week with some apologies included because of what happened with the Izzy situation.

Speaking of, Izzy’s messy storyline continued and this time dragged not only Raphael down with it, but Magnus and Alec as well. Izzy and Raphael could be a relationship I could get behind if it wasn’t born out of something so unhealthy and messed up. But the best thing coming out of it is more of Raphael’s background, this time more about the family he had to leave behind.

Werewolf politics took a bit of a forefront this week as well which was nice. Luke actually felt like a main character tonight, proving his importance in the Downworld as a calm leader, being a protective (and maybe a little too biased) dad and kicking ass.

Maia is my damn hero. She has consistently called out Clary and I love her for it, when will she or Izzy become the lead female protag of this show? She did not deserve to be locked up in that storage room, but damn if Alisha Wainwright’s performance in that scene wasn’t incredible. Though I hate the idea of them breaking apart her and Luke.

That mini-Downworlder council meeting was the stuff dreams are made of. Meliorn’s return is a welcomed thing; he wasn’t holding back and laid it all on the line. He also mentioned something that I hope they dive into deeper, Magnus and Luke’s close ties to certain Shadowhunters and how that effects the way their leadership is seen. Also let that Magnus and Luke brotp rise up!

Other notable things: Madzie is powerful and precious, when will they have Magnus and Alec adopt her and she becomes Madzie Lightwood-Bane? If Alec or Magnus had been there she would have listened to them (please save her and Dot!). Also Jace and Simon’s interactions this week were ten times better than their asinine hetero adventures two episodes back. And I was rooting for Aldertree to be better, but clearly the show doesn’t want to do that so it was nice to see Alec take back his institute.

Overall the episode played out better than the past couple have, though there’s definitely still room for improvement for sure.

Next week: it’s midseason finale time!

‘Shadowhunters’ 2×08 review: ain’t no party like a shadow world party

This week’s episode ‘Love is a Devil’ seemed like it could be a nice fun interlude party episode to all the drama, but that sure wasn’t how this party turned out in the end.

While this was definitely an improvement over last week’s episode, there were still a mixed bag of good, bad and in between moments.

married-husbands-w-matching-outifits-and-wine-glassesLet’s start with the good, the best thing about the entire episode had to be badass, high warlock Magnus Bane taking down Iris with a thought. The entire battle scene between the two was incredible, the way Harry Shum Jr. moves with such grace and fluidity when Magnus uses his magic is incredible, even when he’s angry as hell.

Alec also had a good episode, watching him standup to Maryse and defend his relationship with Magnus was nice to see. What he has with Magnus isn’t going anywhere and he made that clear to her multiple times this week.

Which speak of his relationship with Magnus, they’re scenes together tonight were quite sweet and so married. From the opening conversation about the party where Alec assured Magnus that he is all in with them to their color coordinated outfits and matching wine glasses at the party they just screamed married couple.

But not everything was perfect. Maybe it’s just the too high expectations I’ve had in my head, but having Alec get to see Magnus’ cat eyes and it being a brief moment where they didn’t even get to be alone was a bit disappointing. Also Magnus meeting Max, aka a lifelong dream of mine, started out really cute but went to hell once the hallucinating started (or at least I think that was hallucinating or was it just inconsistent writing because at the beginning of the episode Max was totally cool with Alec’s warlock boyfriend?).

And don’t think I’ve forgiven them for the last week debacle.  Forever annoyed that Magnus and Alec did take the next step and yet we got no morning after scene at least. I know the show’s not all about them, but the big moments are something we need to see. We can get two Clary and Simon kisses but not one Malec morning after moment?

Clary and Simon is something I’m pretty indifferent about. If they do it better than the books, and don’t have Simon date like four girls at once and Clary clearly have more feelings for a man she thinks is her brother while they’re together I can live with it.

unexpectedIzzy and Raphael were simultaneously one of the best and worst parts of this episode. Best because of Raphael’s confession about how Magnus helped save him when he was at his lowest. Those two characters have such a rich background and it was nice to see them tap into that again, plus David Castro is just so good at this character. They were the worst however because I still hate what they’re doing to Izzy, the blood scene just before the party was questionable at best, how about just letting Raphael help her get clean?

It sucks that not only are they doing this to Izzy, but likely because of misunderstandings Raphael will be dragged into a fight with Alec and all of this is going to cause an unnecessary fight between Magnus and Alec in the next episode.

Other small things: Luke was fantastic in his one scene. He called out Clary and Jace for some of their crap and that was needed. The final scene between Maryse and her sons was lovely. I truly have been hoping for a Maryse redemption arc and hope that this continues with her reaching out to better things with Izzy and also accept Magnus. Also the ‘shovel talk’ scene between Jace and Magnus wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It started off weird with Jace essentially being protective because he could tell Alec was happy, but it came around a bit in the end with Jace quickly dropping it and understanding that Magnus is more than serious about Alec.

Overall this week definitely ran smoother than last week’s episode, but it still feels like there’s something missing sometimes.

Next Week: Magnus and Alec are fighting because evidently their happiness is only allowed to last for three minutes an episode, Clary makes some more bad choices and hopefully they save cute little Madzie!

About last night: ‘Shadowhunters’ let down LGBT fans and Malec

This week for the first time Shadowhunters may have very well let me down when it comes to my favorite couple and my desperately needed representation.

MATTHEW DADDARIO, HARRY SHUM JR.Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood aka Malec, it’s no secret, are the fan favorite couple of the series. As a bisexual woman it’s been refreshing to watch a bisexual character treated with such care and in a loving healthy relationship with a gay character. These two have become my light in a dark hole of poor representation for the LGBT community on television.

And up until this week’s episode they were the most consistently well written and shown thing about the series. In an episode that very well could have marked a huge step in their relationship, they were sidelined more than they have ever been before.

Admittedly, we don’t know for certain if Alec and Magnus consummated their relationship this week, but this isn’t just about that.

In an episode where they very well could have had sex, Alec for the first time ever and Magnus for the first time in a very long time with someone he has intense feelings for, we saw more intimacy between Jace and a random Seelie girl (and a few more random girls at the bar).

This is about the promo’s having more Malec in them than the episode did, about a showrunner calling this episode part of “Malec Mania” only to have what amounted to less than five minutes of screen time. This is about them absolutely dropping the ball one week after an episode that featured Malec heavily and perfectly written.

This is about an episode that possibly had this huge important development for Magnus and Alec’s relationship and they prioritized Jace and some random girl over it. This is about the show putting a random straight hookup onscreen longer than the only currently canon couple of the series who are not only LGBT but also interracial.

malec_2-7-2From the start of the episode there was a prioritization, even having what could have been another kiss (this time entirely initiated by Magnus) after a soft and lovely moment between the two interrupted by the heterosexual hookup. Then there was the abrupt cut to of them making out on the balcony, we know there’s more to this scene and it was filmed but instead it was nowhere to be found. A scene that’s small piece felt so natural, relaxed and comfortable could have been even longer with more of that important casual intimacy. As much as some of the Simon and Jace interaction was enjoyable, it could have been cut down and Magnus and Alec’s important development shown instead.

The final scene between them was so glaringly cut; I mean we even heard more of the dialogue from that scene in the promo they released last week.

So here you have them start to talk about having sex and trusting each other with taking their relationship to the next level because they care about each other and want it, only to end up dismissing them with a fade to black. Not only dismissing the possibility of an intimate scene between them, but also not bothering to show the rest of that conversation. Not bothering to show both sides clearly consenting. Not bothering to show how big of a deal this is for the both of them.

This isn’t HBO, I’m not saying we needed some explicit sex scene; MLM couples are already fetishized enough. But if these two men who are falling in love did have sex for the first time you needed to show the soft intimacy of the start of that, not just them kissing and backing into another room.

Here’s the thing too, if they didn’t have sex we were still robbed of scenes earlier in the episode and a scene that shows them deciding not to have sex. These are two men openly falling in love and up until now we’ve seen each of these big conversations and instead this time they decided to pull the ‘it happened off-screen’ ploy which is completely unfair to LGBT viewers.

Intimacy between two people who are LGBT is not a thing to be cliff hangered, brushed aside, cut down or faded to black. It’s something that needs to be seen, equally if not more than heterosexual intimacy. It’s good, real, natural and okay and that needs to be shown on screen.

The next episode could clear some things up, but that doesn’t change what went completely wrong with this episode. If they did have sex, a morning after scene with a conversation about no regrets is something we need to see. If they didn’t have sex we should see it pick up directly where they left off and show them making the decision to slow it down, not find out about it through a conversation between Magnus and Jace.

And with all of this though here’s the thing to keep in mind: the last scene between Magnus and Alec was poorly cut and dismissed. Editors and producers are to blame for this, not the characters. Magnus and Alec are a healthy and mature couple taking an important step in their relationship, but the producers didn’t care enough to show it and them. Magnus and Alec are still in a loving, mature, healthy adult relationship that care deeply about each other and deserve far better onscreen treatment.

2x07-review-photo-option-4Magnus deserved the more lines we know he had in that scene and words that were said after they crossed that doorway, if they did have sex, it was him saying okay yes let’s do this. Alec has always listened to and respected Magnus. These things are still true, because had that scene been properly edited, framed and written we’d have seen the consenting, the continuing of the conversation and the intimacy. These are still two men who care deeply for each other, who want what’s best for the other always, but the shows behind the scenes team decided that wasn’t important enough to be seen. It is the show’s producers and editing team that didn’t care to show that and decided we should be left to infer that instead. It’s their faults, not these characters.

And it’s sure as hell not Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr.’s faults who have shown how much they care time and time again. They’re actors doing a job and they don’t have control over what gets cut and made.

And no don’t try to say that maybe it’s because we have two straight actors in these roles. Not only are they paid to do a job and have to do it, but that’s also disrespectful to these two men who have shown to be all in when it comes to the relationship their characters have. They haven’t shied away from any touch, any kiss or any moment; and I have pretty strong faith in Matt and Harry’s willingness to do anything to properly portray this relationship. Hell, they were both implying about scenes that were cut on Twitter before it aired, so they clearly were unaware of the cuts as well. They have all this incredible onscreen chemistry ripe for the taking and the show decided to completely ignore that and cut it to the bare bones this week.

This show shouldn’t have to end up like the books, where fans were left desperately seeking out good fan fiction that filled in the important and glaringly obvious missing moments shared between Magnus and Alec. Show their love and every big step of it onscreen.

They can’t fix what they denied us and the characters this week, not even if they release every bit of deleted scenes. But they can actively make the choice to be better and do better for LGBT fans, of which there are many, and for these two amazing characters in the way they had been doing for the first six episodes of the season.

*UPDATE: I’m aware the showrunners have acknowledged the poor cut of the final scene and the topic of consent that they didn’t show clearly enough. But they’re still not acknowledging the cut intimacy between two men in a loving relationship for the first time, using hashtags like #notaspoiler which makes me think they’re trying to keep some part of next week’s episode under wraps. Maybe it’s a naïve hope but this makes me think they didn’t actually have sex. That still doesn’t forgive the mistakes of this week, but maybe does give me a little hope.

‘Shadowhunters’ 2×07 review: a lot of hype and not a lot of pay off

After last week’s episode marked itself as possibly the best episode yet, this week was choppy to say the least and felt underwhelming. However, there were some positive moments in ‘How Are Thou Fallen.’

The biggest highlight of the week had to be the confrontation between Luke and Valentine. I’ve been waiting for the former parabatai to have a scene together and it was worth the wait. I hope we get to see more of their damaged dynamic in the future. However, the bits with his sister could have used more development because there’s clearly a lot to work with there.

The Jace and Simon stuff was pretty nice, the fact that Dominic Sherwood and Alberto Rosende are so close in real life absolutely played well onscreen.

Maia overall was incredible, she showed she’s not taking any crap from Simon. She’s not going to be the side girl or the girl waiting; she showed her cards and even encouraged Simon to take his chance on Clary. Magnus and Maia also had a nice little moment, the cracks of vulnerability showing in Magnus as he talked about the gift Alec gave him.

Speaking of the gift the opening scene with Magnus and Alec was lovely. Alec giving Magnus a gift, completely surprising him and throwing him off guard was so well played. There was nice, light flirtatious banter that showed that chemistry Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. have clear and on display.

And then there was the bad stuff.

malec_2-7-2Since we’re talking about Malec let’s start with the negative there, yes there was negative in the Malec storyline. Words I hoped I’d never use. For starters you see that picture in my header and the one to the right, that scene wasn’t even in the episode it was just a hasty cut to of them making out on the balcony. This isn’t about whether they had sex or not. This is about the promo’s having more Malec in them than the episode did, this is about an episode that possibly had this huge important development for Magnus and Alec’s relationship and they prioritized Jace and some random girl over it.

I’m not going to jump on the end of the episode, which left them with another abrupt cut, there’s a chance they pick up the episode right where they left off and we find out they didn’t even have sex. Honestly, I pray they didn’t simply because otherwise they’ve overlooked a huge step in their relationship (which included not really giving Magnus the opportunity to keep talking about his worries if they move too fast), but they need to show that, they need to show them continuing that communication they’ve been so great at; not just mentioning it.

But even if that does happen, there’s still the prioritizing of random straight couples over the only canon lead couple in the show that are an interracial LGBT couple.  As someone who is in the LGBT community and puts a lot of faith in Malec and all the great portrayal they’ve provided for them this episode just felt like such a letdown (see how many Malec photos I’m throwing in here to make myself feel better).

2x07-review-photo-option-4This isn’t on Matt and Harry because they’re chemistry is there, ripe for the taking and yet this week the show didn’t use it, they promoted it, but brushed it aside in the end. They can fix this in next week’s episode, but they need to make it clear. And even if they do fix it, what they pulled this week was bad. Show some of that date in Tokyo, show them casually leaning together on that balcony with wine glasses, show them talking about vulnerability in their relationship and don’t portray the episode as having something more when there’s barely two whole scenes of them in the episode at all. It felt even more like a letdown after last week had so much of them and was so well done.

And then there’s the Izzy storyline, I haven’t talked about it much because I was hoping it’d lead somewhere better than it has. If we’re being completely honest, it’s a mess. Isabelle, a scientist who is incredibly intelligent, becoming a drug addict doesn’t make any sense. The only good thing to come out of it was the brief scene between her and Magnus; however that’s not exactly how I wanted to finally see these future in-laws together.

Jace wasn’t at his finest this week either. I get that he needs to go off kilter a bit here, he’s deflecting the real issues at hand by being an ass, but to have his entire storyline this week just be about getting laid didn’t feel like Jace very much at all.

MATTHEW DADDARIO, HARRY SHUM JR.This episode could have been as good as last week’s. We could have had the A storyline of Malec better developed and seen, the B storyline of Luke given more depth and touched on the C storyline with Jace and Simon, but instead it was all quite choppy and nothing felt fully developed.

Overall, this episode hyped a lot and gave a little. Maybe they can fix some of it in the next week, but that doesn’t make this episode any better.

Next Week: party time and Max and Magnus meet (a long time dream of mine coming true).

‘Shadowhunters’ 2×06 review: of first dates and iron sisters

Badass warrior women, heartfelt flashbacks, flirtatious pool and so much more went down this week in ‘Iron Sisters.’

Let’s start off with what inevitably ends up being my favorite thing about every episode, Magnus and Alec. After a long wait and a whole lot more than most couples have to go through so early in a relationship the shows finest couple finally went out on their long awaited first date. Every scene they had this week showed how much this relationship means to the both of them. The first conversation in Magnus’ loft was an honest show of emotion on Magnus’ end which lead to a flirtatiously competitive pool date.

Of course I would pay good money to see a full hour of them just playing pool together flirting excessively, but then this show went and surprised yet again with another honest, beautiful dose of healthy adult communication. Week after week we’ve watched them get more and more honest with one another; this time they tackled a topic the books pushed back way too far in their relationship, exes or the lack of exes.

2x06-review-photo-option-2The scene in the bar where Alec essentially bares his soul and let’s his insecurities show was amazing. It’s another important piece of their relationship to talk about. Magnus has centuries of experience and Alec has none. But thankfully this isn’t the lashing out reaction of Alec in the books, this is a man who repressed his own happiness and wants for 23 years and is finally acting on them, he’s not jealous or angry, he’s insecure (which is absolutely okay) but he’s not taking it out on Magnus; he knows it’s his thing to deal with. This is yet another example of these two embarking on an incredibly healthy relationship with one another.

Sure it was a little awkward at first, and for a moment they left us scared Alec was going to walk away again, but he didn’t. They didn’t, they know they both feel something that’s way to real and deep to walk away from because of differences in experience.  And that kiss, finally a kiss alone and no ones in a coma (but come on Jace learn to knock or call first at least).  As usual Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr killed it in every scene they had together with off the charts chemistry and beautiful honest simplicity.

While Malec we’re falling in love, Simon and Maia met, which was super cute, and continued the search for Luke. Last week I prayed there’d be some payout with Luke’s MIA storyline and payout there was. Getting a peak into Luke’s past through Maia was lovely, the flashback between the two was so emotional and cemented even deeper just how incredible of a man Luke Garroway is. A fact that was further proven by Simon’s loving stories of growing up with Luke as a father figure that absolutely tugged at my heartstrings. Isaiah Mustafa continues to stun week after week. Alisha Wainwright is definitely a welcome member to the cast and has in only two episodes already shown a number of sides to who Maia is and I look forward to seeing more.

LISA BERRY, EMERAUDE TOUBIA, FARAH MERANI, KATHERINE MCNAMARAThe introduction of the Iron Sisters was incredible and looked so badass. Lisa Berry is amazing and I’m excited for Cleophas to bring us even more Garroway family goodness next week. Isabelle had a nice episode this week as well between her admiration of the Iron Sisters and standing up to Aldertree. Also I cannot stress enough how much better the effects are this year, from the wolf transformations to the portals to the actions sequences.

Overall, and this could be coming from my very biased love of Malec and all things Luke or wolfpack related, this might be my favorite episode of the season thus far.

Next Week: Every fanfic you’ve ever read where Alec asks Izzy for advice about sex comes true, some Garroway family drama, pretty sure Alec buys Magnus a gift the beautiful sap and Valentine’s back to stir up some trouble.