‘Shadowhunters’ 3×10 review: a matter of sacrifice

In part two of the mid-season finale, which was definitely the superior episode tonight, things got more intense and set up a whole lot of trouble coming everyone’s way in 3B later this year.

Lilith’s defeat

Lilith has some questionable mothering values that’s for sure, but her determination for his son is so true. Clary however doesn’t seem to agree, she ruffles Lilith’s feathers and has not time for her supposed righteous love. Her interactions with Clary brought Lilith’s rage to a new level, a rage that was only made higher by Simon’s presence. While Lilith is defeated for now, she’s likely trapped in Edom and even angry than before to be parted from her now living son. Anna Hopkins was a great addition to the first ten of the season.

Simon Lewis is too good

Have I ever mentioned that Alberto Rosende is one hell of an actor? Cause he is. After Heidi’s attack Simon had to equally tear inducing heart to hearts with his sister and mother. Rebecca was quick to forgive and instantly was worried about Simon and how he’s been dealing with being a vampire without his family. But his mother had a different reaction, an unforgiving reaction, and Alec with his good heart and soul made a devastating choice to encanto her to believe that he’d died in a horrible accident. Rosende’s barely holding back tears to outright letting them flow was heart wrenching, if it didn’t get you a little teary eyed you might wanna check for a soul.

Luke’s real world finally catches up

For me this storyline is a long time coming, sooner or later Luke’s precinct would start asking questions. His former partner disappeared, his not exactly wife and daughter both vanished from existence and now his current partner goes missing after her mother is murdered, all that should beg some serious questions. It’s no doubt that despite saving Ollie, their return to their work as detectives will not be an easy ride. At least Luke does have one thing going for him: a burgeoning relationship with Maryse, the pair this week got to be two parents just hoping to save their children, another thing they have in common.


It’s clear that 3B is going to be heavy in terms of storyline for this pair. But tonight they were a little light, but still impactful. Alec won’t stand for him and Magnus not always coming back to each other. His desperate grab onto Magnus’ lapels and his plea for Magnus to come back to him upon announcing he’ll be going to Edom to see his father made that clear. The scene in Magnus’ loft saying goodbye was every bit of heartbreak you could ask for. Magnus initiating the ‘I love you’ for the first time in this moment made it all the more bittersweet. The fact that the ‘I love you’ was said with such a fervor of desperation made it hurt all the more. And Lord, Alec cracking a joke to make Magnus smile as he thinks he’s dying at the episodes end was so Alec, he’s gonna go out making Magnus smile. Of course Alec will be fine, but it’s still such a good moment.


Oh my god he’s absolutely terrible and I love it. Jack Yang will definitely be returning with his commanding and eerie portrayal of Asmodeus, Prince of Edom, and oh it’s gonna be so good. Expecting Magnus to apologize and trying to manipulate Magnus immediately showed how much a prince of hell he truly is, but what’s even better about it is Magnus’ response. He’s not having any of it, he knows his worth and he has no time for Asmodeus’ attempts to divert the conversation. Harry Shum Jr. and Yang were great together and I’m looking forward to seeing more in 3B.

Jace’s return

It’s been a long time since Jace has been Jace, and truthfully he may never be fully Jace again. It’s no secret he’s not my favorite and the fact that he didn’t drop a thank you to Magnus and left him there with a bleeding Alec wasn’t helping, but it’s hard not to feel for him. Because everything that’s happened to him in these first ten are things that he’s never going to fully get over.

Super team up

You know it’s about to go down when everyone comes together. In the final fifteen minutes of the episode a whole lot of fighting happened. Luke and Izzy, much like a few episodes ago, proved to be an unexpected, but delightful team up to kick some demon ass. Simon and Clary got to be together, even if it was too brief, and their friendship really is always a welcome thing. And then there was that parabatai fight; I’ve always wanted to see Alec stab someone with an arrow, I did however not want to see him stabbed with one, but on the upside he’ll be okay as we already know. It says a lot about Alec as a person that he makes sure to reassure his brother that he forgives him as he’s almost being killed. The fight scenes in general have really upped their game this season in general.

So what’s next?

Clary’s dead. Just kidding, there’s no way she’s dead the question however where is she? And where is her newly resurrected brother?

Magnus is essentially a mundane now, and you know that Asmodeus isn’t done. The next half of the season is bound to hold an incredible arc for him as he navigates being a mortal with no magic. A storyline that’s also bound to get good for he and Alec as Alec inevitably supports him through it all, but it’ll also resurface the immortality talk for sure.

Jace and Simon are about to face a lot of guilt about Clary and there’s also the matter of Jace’s severe trauma moving forward.

Plus Luke’s badge will be on the line, Maia will come back and likely have to resume the position of pack alpha and Izzy well I love her, but I’m still waiting for her to have her own storyline.

Basically 3B can’t get here fast enough.


‘Shadowhunters’ 3×09 review: don’t resurrect maniacs and other bad choices

Part one of tonight’s two-part midseason finale was definitely the weaker of the two but saw a few returning characters, an epic warlock battle and some serious heartbreak.

Clary on death row

After her decision to tell the truth about the wish Clary has landed herself on Clave death row and it’s not a pretty place to be. She clearly does not deserve to be in the ranks of Circle members and truth be told returning warlock Iris doesn’t either. This whole sequence for Clary is just showing the audience once again how deeply terrible the Clave is.

But death row was the least of Clary’s problems when she found out the Clave wanted to raise Valentine from the dead and volunteered herself to do it. It was a terrible idea, but she succeeded in the task. Alan Van Sprang’s return as Valentine was just as angry and volatile as he had been in life and while it spelled more trouble for Clary it was a welcome return from a performance perspective. Thankfully Clary’s choice to do this didn’t totally bite her in the ass and she was able to play him enough to not only get information out of him, but kill him for the second time.

Simon’s not so fun family reunion

I’ve wanted to see Simon’s sister and mother again for a while, but this wasn’t how I hope it’d go down. Alberto Rosende has always played Simon with such heart and that was on full display here, so much so that he couldn’t even totally convince Heidi that he had a cruel bone in his body. He’d do anything for his family and Heidi forces his hand in ways that Simon will never forgive himself for. It’s truly heartbreaking for this to happen to Simon, but it’s also exactly what Heidi wanted.

The end of scene however really stood out. They’ve been building the Simon and Izzy friendship for a while now, and as book readers know it’ll lead somewhere else one day, and this episode showed it well once again. It’s a friendship in the making that’s for sure, but the fact that she’s there for him in crucial times will make the build up to their inevitable future much more enjoyable.

Lorenzo v. Magnus

In a showdown that was always bound to happen and Lorenzo finally forced it into existence. After his terse meeting with Alec, in which Alec brought out a bit of blackmail with that pure Alec Lightwood salty attitude lace around it, it was clear Lorenzo had no intentions of providing any help.

The alleyway showdown with Magnus just proved that even more. Lorenzo would let Lilith burn it all to the ground if it meant sticking it to Magnus. But Magnus was absolutely not having it and when Lorenzo brought up Alec’s death, a blow to low for Magnus to ignore, it was clear it was about to go down. And down it did. The magical fight between the two is one of my favorite, if not my favorite fight, sequences to date. The way the both moved effortlessly combing magic and a bit of hand to hand was awesome to watch. That’s how you do a fight with two actors who have dance backgrounds.

Luke aka best dad in the whole world

Luke’s constant struggle of being asked to choose between his pack family and his daughter came to a head finally. Unlike where Magnus saw himself in a similar situation last season and saw that he could love a shadowhunter and be a warlock, Luke’s pack isn’t granting him the same opportunity. In the end he chose Clary, because both may be family but at the end of the day there’s something higher about the bond between a child and a parent (just ask Catarina who can’t risk it all because Madzie needs her or Lilith who’s hell bent on seeing her son again).

He’s so tired and so fed up and just wants to protect his kids, but life’s not letting him.


While they only really had two scenes tonight, it showed the impact of how much they mean to each other. While many of us thought Magnus would be taking the steps he has to save Jace, it’s about Alec really. He’d rather face the consequences of his father (which oh boy did he in part two) than allow Alec to live with burden of killing his own brother the rest of his life. He loves Alec so, so much.

And as a completely unrelated but funny side note, how much do you love Magnus’ voicemail message?

Next Up: the midseason finale coming to you momentarily

‘Shadowhunters’ 3×07 review: the past catches up and the owl gets caught

You know you’re nearing midseason when everyone’s stories start to converge and tonight set up a domino effect for the next three episodes for sure.

Maia and Jordan

The highlight of tonight’s episode was by far the tense reuniting between Maia and Jordan. Though the reveal came as no shock to those who read the books, the revealing moment between the two still somehow felt shocking. Then through a series of flashback’s we were shown innocent young love turned to the dark possessive thing that it became.

Alisha Wainwright and Chai Hansen were incredible together showing an innocent chemistry and later an emotional confrontation. The flashbacks in particular showed little things like Maia’s passion for marine biology as well as the unforgivable fact that Jordan left her alone after turning her. They were brilliantly acted but also beautifully directed shown with a softer glow (until they got dark in the final flashback) that was reminiscent of the golden showered flashbacks for Magnus and Alec last season.

Wainwright has been impressively tackling every emotional sequence since her first episode and this episode showed once again just how genuine, heartbreaking and strong she can be.

Magnus and Alec

After last week’s blowout Magnus and Alec reached a tentative resolution to their fight. They’ve both admitted they were wrong with some of the words they said while the reality is that they’re both right in some ways as well. It’s a conversation that’s far from over, but due to the extremes around them has to be put on hold. The immortality/mortality is a discussion they will survive on the other end stronger, but it’s also a discussion that will carry on likely even beyond this season.

You can’t ignore however that they’re still so supportive of one another even when they’re fighting and that the simple fact Alec did not want to let go of Magnus in that hallway hug shot right through the heart. For now  though it’s about Alec supporting Magnus to not feel the guilt he does, a thing they deeply have in common, and Magnus supporting Alec through the attempt to save his brother.


After finally telling the truth Clary has an emotional episode. Say what you want about the character but Katherine McNamara’s acting really does get better every season. Seeing Clary emotionally confess, reach a common ground with Alec and her selflessly choose to take the fall so the others could get out was nice turn for her.

Meanwhile in Alicante Imogen Herondale managed to be the best she’s ever been and then proceeded to be eerily killed by Jace. She was a terrible person, but she didn’t deserve that death.

Alicante also welcomed Jia Penhallow for the first time, her introduction allowed us to see Alec get better at lying once again just as we saw earlier in the season with Lorenzo. Hopefully the presence of Jia leads to the return of Aline. Izzy got to flaunt her weapons master title a bit more which was nice to see as well.

Luke and Simon

Luke and Simon have a fantastic relationship (I mean he brought Simon to take your kid to work day once!) and tonight they were on the hunt for Ollie in the hopes to bring her home. Luke’s care for Ollie is so clear, he’s already lost one partner and isn’t ready to lose another. It’s just the way Isaiah Mustafa always plays Luke, firm but deeply and endlessly caring for those in his life.

Lilith and Jace

These two just keep getting creepier, but Lilith is losing ground more and more as the team continues to thwart her plans. Jace is being very well portrayed as a soulless killer I must say and if he took low blows at both his siblings tonight they’re likely to get worse next week.

Magnus and Catarina

Lastly though it was only one scene in the episode we got to see Catarina Loss being the encouraging and tough sister of sorts that Magnus deserves. The more scenes they have the more I want.

Next Week: A Seelie Queen vs. Edom Queen showdown, power trio Magnus, Alec and Izzy attempt to get through to Jace and Clary does hard time.

‘Shadowhunters’ 3×06 review: the owl’s out of the bag

As we near closer to the midseason it’s clear that there won’t be much in the way of a moment’s rest coming for our favorite characters anytime soon, so let’s get into tonight’s ride.

Simon’s dilemma

Arguably one of the best parts of tonight’s episode belongs to Simon Lewis. As I’ve said week after week he has the biggest heart of anyone and that showed when he came face to face with Heidi. Despite it being a shock to him, he tried to understand her and even felt for her; which through the way she was written and portrayed the audience felt for her too.

His decision to ask Kyle to help him was clearly hard on him, but the right decision in the end. This episode also highlighted the relationship he and Maia have, which is about to get very complicated and showed that the friendship they’ve built between he and Izzy is one worth rooting for.


Still reeling from last week’s episode Magnus and Alec only shared one scene together this week, a scene that resulted in a very well-acted confrontation, but in a lot of ways the rest of their stories were about each other.

While Magnus helped Clary she saw something was troubling him reassuring him that he and Alec can get through anything, meanwhile Isabelle had a meaningful conversation with Alec that assured that same fact. Basically the whole damn shadow world knows these two are going to be okay, the clearly hate fighting but this is just one road bump they have to face. Not to mention the only thing on Alec’s sober and drunk mind is Magnus.

Lightwood family gathering

As a whole the Lightwood family didn’t have a great night, Izzy’s new relationship which is quite sweet is crumbling, Jace has been completely taken over by the ever increasingly creepy Lilith, Alec is fighting with the love of his life and Maryse is facing a scary new chapter in her life.

In her return tonight Maryse was less exuberant than we’d seen her a few episodes ago with Magnus (who by the way she considers a part of her family now!!) and Alec, but still just as compelling. Nicola Correia-Damude stunned once again portraying a woman starting over, but not starting over alone. She’s a force of nature who with the support of her children, who she’s made incredible strides with, will make it through this ordeal. Her scenes with Izzy in particular were touching and showed the bond between the mother and daughter.

Despite Jace being very obviously not himself, Alec being a sad drunk and Charlie being oblivious the Lightwood gathering at the Hunter’s Moon was nice showing how close Maryse can be with her all of her children and how much she’s working to be the mother she never really got to be. But her relationship with her family isn’t the only thing worth noting, her encounter with Luke was the second most chemistry and downright flirtatious behavior on this show after Malec themselves. Isaiah Mustafa showed a smooth as hell side to Luke and Correia-Damude showed an almost innocent side to Maryse. This new flirtation could turn into something truly incredible with Luke knowing better than anyone what Maryse is currently facing.

While Maryse was the highlight of the night, sad drunk, somehow saltier than when sober Alec deserves his credit to. It’s hard to see him this way, but Matthew Daddario played it well. He also might have actually made a new friend in Underhill, seeing someone who’s an outsider to Magnus and Alec’s relationship acknowledge the fact that Shadowhunters only fall in love once and even call Magnus, a Downworlder, Alec’s better half was refreshing to see.

Magnus and Clary uncover the truth

These two have been by and large separate thus far in season three, but tonight they teamed up and because Magnus is the smartest man in the shadow-world pieced together the puzzle that’s been building for weeks. But before their discovery a fun introduction was made when the duo met with book fan favorite Jem Carstairs aka Brother Zachariah for the first time, even dropping in a Will Herondale mention to boot.

But the fun mentions ended quick when they discovered Jace is the Owl and Magnus unknowingly helped the greater demon who’s been controlling him, a thing I’m sure he’ll feel guilty about. The alleyway scene which ended the episode was great fight scene for Magnus, Clary and Luke as well as a shocking moment for the three.

Are Ollie and Charlie both doomed?

Ollie, who I hope they can find a way to save, has been possessed as one of Lilith’s virtuous disciples and Charlie seems potentially doomed to be one as well. Basically posing the question are any of the non-main characters on this show truly safe?

Next Week: Maia discovers the truth about her boyfriend’s new roommate, Clary’s getting thrown off a building and Malec will hopefully be mending some fences.

‘Shadowhunters’ review 3×05: the power of music and love

As usual spoilers ahead, also bear with me I’m trying a new review style this week!

In the fifth episode of what has been an excellent season so far, every character (except Maia who sadly wasn’t in this one which does happen in ensembles) had some turning page moments that will shape the next five episodes and beyond so let’s get into it.

Clary and Luke: Last season one of the relationships that slipped through the cracks was the father/daughter bond between these two, it’s been easing back and tonight it was in the forefront and fantastic to watch. Clary finally letting Luke in on her and Jace’s big secret solidified the fact that this bond between the two is back in full action.  Their journey to see Cleophas, who is thankfully still alive, not only let out Luke’s protective dad side but also gave some more insight into his background. After Jocelyn died last season concern that a lot of Luke’s past would die with her lingered, but tonight showed there’s so many ways to bring it up. Isaiah Mustafa is just so good at playing this character, serious and tame, loving and a fighter.

Clary herself went thorugh it once again, literally having a piece of her soul ripped from her body in a scene that was genuinely shocking, scary and highlighted that the effects on this show keep getting better.

Magnus and Alec: Whew, immortality is tough, but we’re getting into and it’s gonna be that good angst™. Magnus and Alec both have reasons for feeling how they feel about moving in together and the conversation and fight that follow just show how human they both are and how much they love one another. They trust each other implicitly; it’s a huge part of their relationship, which made Alec’s snooping and immediate guilt about it so important. Magnus knowing he did it and letting Alec tell him first was even more important. Alec, bless his heart, has a tendency to get in his own head and make things worse for himself which he’ll probably be doing these next couple episodes. But if there’s one thing consistent about when he does this it’s that Magnus is the one who can steer him home.

These are two people deeply in love facing a huge inevitable road bump in their relationship. Alec, despite being completely accepting of Magnus’ past, is only human and bound to feel some insecurity about it all. This episode showed it and it’s likely to carry out into the next couple episodes as well. Magnus on the other hand has his own insecurities, and those stem from fear. He’s lived a long time and lost a lot, but Alec is someone he can’t even bear the thought of losing. When he raises his voice arguing with Alec it’s not out of anger even, but out of fear, fear of having to place memories of Alec in a box one day. The immortality/mortality conversation is far from over, it’s likely to carry on possibly for seasons in some shape or form, but the here and now of it is about getting through these bumps of insecurities they both have. They’re Magnus and Alec, their love is strong enough to save the damn world, they’ll get through this I know this for a fact just as much as I know Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario will act the hell out of it all just like they did tonight.

And to all the Malec fans who are inevitably panicking. Take a breath. Don’t let the insane theories (yeah you weirdos who think Alec ‘I’ll fight my own Dad with my bare hands for cheating on my Mother’ Lightwood would ever cheat we see you and you’re wrong) get to you. The writers and Daddario and Shum Jr. have earned our trust, they know that Malec is strong and never going to fall apart and we do as well. Just think about all the BTS and trailer footage of 3A for them we haven’t even seen yet and never forget that quite literally everyone involved in this show constantly stresses that all these bumps make these two stronger. They can still have soft, sweet moments in between the tough stuff (just look at how the episode started for them with Magnus bringing the most magical flare he’s ever brought to conjure Alec an outfit). And as far as moving in together, it’ll have to be Magnus that makes that declaration the next time, but I wouldn’t doubt it happens before the season (or even by midseason’s) end.

Individually Magnus with Lilith was sneaky and good. If there’s one thing he and Alec have in common it’s feeling guilty for things they really couldn’t have known about, and when Lilith is revealed he’s going to feel that guilt about giving her the potion he did. Meanwhile Alec at the Institute had a nice encounter with Underhill (who sounds like a real Malec fan) about how Alec’s public coming out and healthy relationship are an inspiration to other queer Shadowhunters, while the timing might not have been his best day it was still nice for Alec to hear someone say it.

Simon, Kyle and Jace: They might not be starting a boy band anytime soon but these three had a nice piece of story tonight. Simon really has the biggest heart and the fact that his problem isn’t with Kyle being a werewolf but with him lying (trust and lying are clearly big themes of this season) just shows how good of a soul he is. Though of course as book readers know all that’s going to fly out of the window when Maia meets Kyle. For now though Simon can save the day with the power of music and another Simon Lewis original bop.

Jace is truly at his best when he’s with Simon. Their not-friendship, but actually a friendship is weird but it works. They balance each other out in a way with Simon’s pure trust vs. Jace who immediately questions any coincidence. He helps Simon, claiming it’s for Clary, but really it’s because he genuinely cares about him. Meanwhile Jace is at least attempting to take his fate into his own hands by going to the Silent City to see if he has the same hereditary mental illness his mother had. You can’t ignore that he’s trying and be a little proud of him for knowing he has to handle this on his own. Sidenote however, the parabatai thing continues to bomb because for once Jace was actually trying to be a good parabatai but Alec deflected. Though on the flipside of that seeing Jace apologize to Alec, even though he’s still lying to him buy you know, was nice to see.

Aside from that though Jace really does continue to be screwed; I don’t know about you but I’ll take Magnus and Alec’s realistic but doable angst over what Clary and Jace are about to have to face with Jace not even loving her anymore because of Lilith.

Isabelle: Last but certainly not least there was Izzy who got to be sweet and a badass all in one. Charlie has such potential, but the fact that he’s a mundane and she’s a shadowhunter makes it feel pretty doomed, plus that lingering fear that he could turn out to be evil. She deserves all the happiness the world has to offer, but for now it’s at least nice to see her smile and to see her necklace repaired into another high-fashion and high-function bracelet.

Wow, this got long, but overall the episode was really good; probably one of the best of the series if we’re being honest. Hard to believe, but we’re down to the final five before the mid-season hiatus and if this episode was any indication we’re gonna need to buckle our seatbelts for one hell of a ride.

Next Week: Jace continues to live his absolute worst life, Magnus and Alec continue to face a tough conversation and oh, yeah LUKE REACHES OUT TO MARYSE!

‘Shadowhunters’ 3×04 review: a lie continued, a lie caught

After three weeks of episodes that had their fill of light-hearted moments it was inevitable things were going to get heavy and heavy they have gotten.

At the crux of this week’s episode was Jace, who’s continuing downward spiral is getting no better but now there’s at least an explanation for it: Lilith. The more she’s seen onscreen the clearer it becomes that Anna Hopkins is perfect for this role. She’s commanding, creepy and in her own delusional way a loving mother. None of that of course spells well for Jace in particular.

Jace’s loss of control is not his only problem though, the lie he and Clary continue to perpetuate isn’t doing anyone any favors. Alec continues to know that there’s something they’re not telling him, simply wanting to help his brother, but because they continue to lie it’s only causing Alec, a man prone to feeling guilty for not protecting his family, more guilt. If they ever really want the audience to believe that that brotherly parabatai bond is this great thing it’s going to have to stop causing Alec so much harm and guilt, Jace’s situation is tough but lying to his brother, his entire family is only causing more hurt. And though their relationship isn’t my cup of tea, seeing Clary actively worry about Jace does make it feel a little more real between them.

Luke had a rough day as well this week. They’ve finally given Isaiah Mustafa a lot more to work with in terms of his characters many roles as leader, cop, former Shadowhunter and father figure this year and he does it damn well. Having Jace go to him for help reminds us that Luke has so much history with so many characters that can be delved into. There’s also his continuing inner conflict with aligning all his roles, a thing most prevalent in his confrontation with Maia and in his decision to call in outside help for Simon in the form of new addition Kyle, played by Chai Hansen. Where they’ll be going with the known book character in the lens of the show will be interesting to see, so far it’s clear he vibes well with Simon even though that could very well change.

But the character probably having the worst day was Raphael. While the creepy, loves blood too much newbie vampire storyline has been done a thousand times on shows, you can’t deny it’s given David Castro something pretty fantastic to work with while he attempts to reign in Heidi. He’s been emotionally vulnerable in ways that he’s never gotten to show and it’s engaging to say the least. However, just like a few other characters, he needs to stop lying about things which is why Izzy catching him in his lie was nice to see. If Raphael really will leave for good is up in the air, hopefully not, but hopefully this will mark the final nail in the coffin (pardon my pun) in a relationship that could have been great had it not been written so messily last season.

Izzy deserves a chance to move on, also much in the way that Luke has been given some of his best stuff to work with this season so has Emeraude Toubia. She’s finally being given a chance to play a more active role at the Institute in a multitude of ways and so far it’s been great for her. Also putting her alongside Clary in the field for the second week in a row was welcome. Not only do the two have chemistry in conversation but watching them fight side by side is a welcome sight too.

Lastly, because I can’t not talk about them, despite having their fewest interactions in an episode this season Magnus and Alec still somehow managed to steal my heart. The constant, tender and loving support they always have for one another and seeing Alec so low, but having Magnus be able to bring a smile to his face was important. Even when they don’t have much to do Harry Shum Jr and Matthew Daddario are great together.

Other bits to love: Clary and Simon being friends again is so good, Lilith needs shorter nails they’re freaking me out, it’s always satisfying to hear Alec be the Shadowhunter that thanks Magnus all the time despite being the only one who probably doesn’t need to and LILITH YOU LEAVE MAGNUS ALONE!

Next Week: Magnus and Alec may be taking another big step in their relationship and Lilith is coming for Clary’s fiery red-headed soul!

‘Shadowhunters’ 3×03 review: family dinners and demon reveals

Season three continues its strong move forward with an episode that highlighted in particular two of the shows strongest re-occurring characters while providing one hell of a twist for one of the mains.

A strong episode overall the highlight of the episode had to the Lightwood-Bane family dinner. What starts as a whole family affair turns into Magnus and Alec facing a dinner alone with Maryse. On paper it sounds like a potential disaster, but it quickly turns into something much more profound.

Nicola Correia Damude has played Maryse Lightwood with a grace and determination from the very beginning, but tonight we got to see new layers to the woman she has become; a kinder, lighter soul. She’s been on a road towards redemption of sorts and now while it’s a real highlight of the unfairness of the Clave that she’ll be de-runed while Robert cuts a deal she’s hit a pinnacle of her tale. No she’s not perfect, but she’s portrayed as a woman who’s come to see her faults and accepts the consequences, who’s grown beyond the tough, unkind mother she was to a woman who’s accepting of the relationship her son is in and truly proud of the man her son has become. The way she tells Alec she’s proud of him and the way she says the line ‘thank you for loving my boy’ to Magnus will haunt me in the best way forever. Correia Damude is a powerhouse of a woman and the performer of this episode for sure. Her exile is naturally concerning, but knowing some future bits that are coming her way it’s clear it’s not as drastic as it sounds and she’ll have ‘her boys’ as she lovingly refers to them and a potential love interest on the horizon.

While she may be the scene-stealer of those moments Harry Shum Jr and Matthew Daddario continue their path of greatness as well. The way they’re portraying Magnus and Alec as a whole, united front now that they’ve found a domestic comfortability in their relationship is working incredibly well. Aside from the obvious heart eyes, there’s the constant support on both ends. They work well together as a unit in a way not scene enough in television relationships, their sweet (read married as hell) and emotionally supportive on every level. There’s also the fact that the two not only have incredible chemistry together, but play that chemistry in a way that presents them as an epic couple without other characters feeling like third wheels in particular with both Maryse and Izzy.

While Maryse is likely the best developed non-main on the series another got a great arc tonight as well, Raphael. David Castro has been playing Raphael’s standoffish personality well since the start, but for the first time you really felt connected to him as a character. He’s clearly got a problem on his hands with the now escaped fledgling who likes blood a little too much, but where he truly was at his best was with his aging sister Rosa. The scene with her and the scenes following that showed his anguish and grief were palpable. It’s an interesting look at grief from the perspective of an immortal that hasn’t been immortal all that long in the grand scheme of things. While an immortal like Magnus has learned to mask the pain of grief, you see Raphael feel it viscerally and Castro really honed into something heartbreaking there.

Raphael is not the only vampire having a rough go however, Simon has been slammed with a new ability he never asked for. Simon has the biggest heart and truly doesn’t want to hurt anyone so the irony of him being saddled with a mark that harms people is quite sad. However it’s nice knowing he’s not facing it alone, Maia and Luke, despite struggling with his role as alpha versus his role as a father to Simon, won’t be giving up on him anytime soon.

Finally there’s the big twist, the reveal of the Owl. Izzy and Clary are both clearly in better shape to be taking on a mission than Jace and truly make an incredible team together. Jace however, is spiraling still haunted by the somehow getting creepier every day Jonathan. And then of course you come to find Jace isn’t just spiraling he’s being completely taken over by something, he’s the demon causing havoc in the name of Lilith. He really can’t catch a damn break can he?

Other bits to love: Magnus’ ridiculous and fantastic Truman Capote impression, Izzy has the best dynamic with Magnus and Alec and we need more of it, Malec really do look at each other like they hung the moon and stars, Simon, Maia and Clary working together really showed that Jace was the one making that double date awkward last week and Charlie may seem too good to be true but let Izzy have a decent love interest like him would ya?

Next Week: Jace is a demon conduit from hell, Raphael is in serious danger, Jordan makes his debut and I don’t know what Magnus and Alec are up to but I know I’ll love it.